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Remote Game Jobs

Remote Game Jobs

What are game development jobs?

The commonly used process for game development has several phases, each with its specific tasks and job functions:

What is Pre-Production for games: 

During this phase, the game concept is created and the overall vision for the game is built. Job functions in this phase include game designers, writers, and producers.

Production in games and how is a game built: 

This is the development phase where the game is built.  Major tasks in this phase include game programming, level design, art creation, and animation. Job functions in this phase include game programmers, artists, level designers, and animators.

Game Testing: 

This involves verifying and fixing bugs in the game. During this time the compliance requirement for publishing the game is also verified Job functions in this phase include game testers and quality assurance personnel.

Game Release: 

The game is finalized and released to the public. Job functions in this phase include marketing and public relations personnel.


This involves ongoing support for the game, including bug fixes, updates, and customer support. Job functions in this phase include technical support and community management personnel.

In the game development process these phases and job functions vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Gaming Job Vacancies need to be fulfilled on time to ensure the smooth and timely completion of the game.

  • Appsoleut Games

    Product Manager
    Full Time

  • Small World Games

    Lead Game Developer
    Full Time