Job Title: 3D Rigger Artist

Location: Hyderabad/Bangalore

As a rigger at 1518, you will make it possible for characters and objects to come to life and move realistically within our world.

Our 3D Riggers mix keen technical skills with creative problem solving to create rigs that animators love to animate with. Your day-to-day focuses on rigging assets whilst maintaining production quality and style as required. The technical animation team sits.

From pivoting to bending, squashing and stretching, you define what can be done and how through flexible and intuitive rigs. You take inspiration from the real world when you can- and turn to your imagination when you can’t. With a variety of internal tools at your disposal, you can focus on achieving quality and consistency without having to build everything from the ground up time after time.

At 1518, we are looking for an awesome rigger who is passionate about supporting great teams in creating awesome games. The ideal candidate will be highly motivated in learning and /or developing techniques and pipelines to animation, asset and rigging workflows.


  • Worked on high quality rigs for humanoid and other creatures and animate them as per a set style provided.
  • Experience in Abode Creative Suite, Unity & Unreal.
  • Previous work experience should consist of at least 1 gaming company or any experience with characters or props
  • Required to have a degree or diploma in 3D Production with a specialization in Animation and Rigging


What we offer

  • Competitive basic salary
  • The opportunity to join a growing team
  • Dynamic and entrepreneurial culture

Who we are

We’re a global team of passionate, hard-working, ambitious gamers, whose goal is to make every gamer’s experience as perfect as possible. We’re dedicated to helping your players because they’re part of our community too. We’ve been working hard for players, clients, and the games industry for nearly three decades, providing industry-leading services to every part of the globe.

We believe great work gets done by teams who love what they do. Therefore, we approach every solution with an all-minds-on-deck strategy that leverages our global workforce’s strength, creativity, and passion.

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